Home Barre Kit               

Whether you just love to dance or you need to practice your plies, our Home Barre Kit for dance or fitness provides all the equipment you need          

Choose either Ballet / Dance or Fitness kit. The home kit comes complete with Endura wall-mounted Brackets, either black or silver, with a 1.5m Barre or 2m Barre.  

Barre options include Canadian Pine or Oak.

Bracket options include Single, Double or Double Waistrail and either Ballet or Fitness. 

Ballet or Fitness, what option should I choose? If you're using the brackets barres for purely dance, where there isn't pressure on the barres our Endura Ballet brackets are ideal. If you're using the brackets barres for fitness as well as dance, which puts pressure on the barres, our Fitness Brackets are your best option. If you're unsure just contact us to discuss your options.

Other Bracket and Barre options we offer a wide range of wooden or Aluminium Barres from American Black Walnut to Aluminium Polished Chrome Barres. You can have custom finish brackets, from special RAL colour to size. Please contact us for more details and prices. 



  • Single or Double Brackets
  • Black or Silver Brackets
  • Canadian Pine or Oak Barres
  • Ballet or Fitness

Extra Options:

  • Looking for something different - Chrome brackets with American Black Walnut Barre                   
  • For your budding dancer - Daisy and Butterfly brackets or Custom Blue brackets


Please contact us to discuss your requirements:

"The way anything is developed is through practice, practice, practice, practice......"Joyce Meyer

Home Barre Kit - Single Silver 

Home Barre Kit - Single Black 

Home Barre Kit - Double Black

Home Barre Kit - Double Silver

Endura Black Ballet Bracket

Endura Silver Ballet Bracket

Canadian Pine Barre

Oak Barre



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