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Duratrack for Mirrors


Whilst mirrors are a necessity for dance, they can be an unwanted distraction during certain lessons or exams. 

A set of our Duratrack Curtains will help eliminate any distraction and provide a warm finish within the studio.


Our Duratrack System features smooth-glide rollers which provide easy manual operation for the opening

and closing of the curtains.  The Duratrack System can be installed over existing mirrors and positioned

to fall either in front of or behind a ballet barre.




Duratrack for Drama


Where a heavier-duty curtain track and system is required, our Duratrack Plus fits the bill. We provide a full

range of stage and perimeter drama curtains for situations where either additional acoustic properties might

be needed,  to create a black box environment within a studio or for a ‘blackout’ situtation to ensure your

studio is kept in the dark.




All Duratrack Systems are available for wall or ceiling mounted situations and can be manual, motorised or

winch-operated as needed.


Our Duratrack curtains are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics and wea re sure there

will be one to match your surroundings.





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