Home Gym – Integra Single Barre

Another great installation from our team. Transforming a poolside space into a stunning home gym zone. Our Integra system features seamless wall of studio mirrors with a versatile barre. The space offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a haven for fitness enthusiasts. 

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Chancery House – Integra Double Barre

A carefully planned and executed transformation from our installation team. Our Integra system creates a seamless mirror and barre system, it not only looks incredibly stylish but functional too, a real asset in the gym space at Chancery House. 

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Fitness Studio – Integra AluBarre

Our team created a unique and stylish fitness studio, which will encourage motivation and enjoyment to the client’s workouts. Our Integra system of seamless mirrors and alu barres does look pretty fantastic, a huge pat on the back to all the team.

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Bournemouth Girls School – Duratrack curtain & track

School holidays are an ideal opportunity to overhaul your school gym or dance studio (while the kids are away, we can install away!) From designing a complete overhaul or a simple revamp, let our team take care of your studio, ready for the new academic year!

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Vicky Grant School of Dance – The Lot!

A beautiful studio, with tricky corner windows.

Understandably our client didn’t want to lose barre space in front of the beautiful windows.

Solution, our Endura wall mounted ballet barres throughout the studio, completed with our Prestige floor-mounted ballet barres in the window area.

It’s about creating a studio which functions well, maximining all the available space within a studio.

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