Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable.

Permanent Installation – the vinyl floor is glued and seam-welded into place and can’t be removed without risking damage.

Semi-permanent – the vinyl floor is loose-laid using double-sided tape and then welded at the seams. The seams can later be cut and the vinyl floor be taken up and moved.

Portable – simply roll out the vinyl, tape over the top joins and secure on the underside with double-sided tape for temporary use.

Our vinyl flooring can be laid onto a range of sub-floors such as: concrete, wood or plywood. All floors must be level and we do not recommend that our vinyl floors are laid over carpet.

In most cases, we recommend that a vinyl floor is used in conjunction with our ActiSprung system to give maximum piece of mind and performance.

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Dance Tap Floor

Dance Tap Floor

If versatility in usage is your primary concern, Dance Tap Floor should be your first choice. It is recommended for tap but its non-reflective, controlled slip vinyl surface makes it equally successful as a ballet, modern and jazz floor.

Roll Size: 1.6m wide x 31m long x 1.5mm thick  (can be cut to required lengths)

Colours:  Black or Grey

Portable or Permanent use.



A lighter weight “reversible” floor, Cabaret is suitable for ballet, modern, jazz or hip hop

Roll Size: 2 wide x 40m long x 1.2mm thick

Colours: Black/White; Black/Grey;

Portable or Semi-Permanent use.



A great floor for ballet, modern, jazz & theatre stage flooring. This flooring is not suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Roll Size: 1.83m wide x 18.29m long x 2mm thick

Colours:  Black

Permanent or Semi-Permanent use.



Trilogy 6 is ideal where a sprung floor is beyond budget as it can be laid directly over a screeded concrete floor to provide a 6mm cushioned flor that is ideal for ballet and drama.  It works well with underfloor heating.  It’s hardwearing, embossed non-slip surface makes it a long-lasting floor.

Roll Size: 2m wide x 20m long x 6mm thick

Colours:  Black or Grey

Portable or Permanent use.

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