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Wall Mounted Studio & Gym Mirrors


A necessity for any dance, drama, gym or fitness studio;  we provide a complete measure,

supply and installation service for our wall-mounted OptiMax Studio Mirrors.

Our mirrors are cut and polished to fit your wall exactly and provide you with a safe

product that is guaranteed.  


        We can also help with all your vanity mirror requirements.  Whether you require mirrors

        for bathrooms, changing rooms, student accommodation or theatre dressing rooms, our

        mirrors are cut to size and we offer a choice of fixings.  Simply let us know what is

        needed for your particular requirements.


         Our OptiMax Mirrors are:




High specification safety glass which conforms to the required British Standard for use in schools, leisure, fitness/gym and dance studios.


Provide the highest reflection and distortion-free imaging at all times and we are delighted by the complimentary comments we receive following each installation.


Installed without the additional use of unsightly metal or wood frames leaving you with a perfectly uniform, uninterrupted wall of mirror.


INTEGRA Studio Mirror/Ballet Barre System



 Our Integra Mirror/Barre System has been developed and specially designed by us

in order to maximise the area of mirror together with the seamless integration of a ballet barre.







  Provides a seamless wall of mirror with the appearance of a 'floating' barre.” ballet barre. Proides a seamless wall of mirror with the appearance of a “floating” ballet barre.  Provides a seamless wall of mirror with the appearance of a “floating” ballet barre. 

   There are no gaps between mirrors. 
    The barre can be installed at any height required. 
   Available in both single and double barre (for ballet or pilates/firness). 
   Mirrors have polished edges - no unsightly trims needed. 
   Extremely strong and safe. 
   No size restrictions. 
   Guaranteed to provide years of use. 






















      Curtains for Mirrors


        Our Duratrack Curtain System can also be installed with your mirrors or we can add to your existing





          Our Duratrack Curtain System:



Helps eliminate unwanted distraction during exams, teaching or other events. 



Ideal for installation in dance, drama and stage areas.



Smooth glide rollers provide easy to operate curtains.





 Nestaway Mobile Mirror


 Our Nestaway Mobile Mirror has been designed for use in a tougher environment where studios

           are more multi-purpose and not just for dance. 




The mirrors have been specially designed to roll under a standard height doorway and will nest  together when not in use, taking up minimum storage space.


Constructed using a welded mild steel frame with four rolling, sturdy, lockable casters.


The large 183cm x 122cm Optimax safety glass mirror is secured within the mobile frame.


Heavy duty, durable and very safe glass.


Clear undistorted reflection.



        Mobile Mirror Covers 


The addition of a Mirror Cover will not only provide protection of the mirror,

        but will keep it clean and dust-free when not in use.



  With easy to use velcro sides the covers can be quickly put on or removed.


  We can even print your school/studio name or logo on the covers (small additional cost).


         Whatever your studio and installation requirements or your available budget, please

         do just ask for a quotation.


We always personally deliver our mobile mirrors, ensuring their safe arrival to your site.

We will unload and assemble the units ready for your immediate use.

Examples of our installation of Studio Mirrors, Ballet Barres & Curtains








West London Dance Studio

(Integra Studio Mirror/Ballet Barre System)


Bristol Grammar School ( Integra Studio Mirror/

Ballet Barre, Semi-sprung dance floor

& curtains)

(Integra Studio Mirror/Ballet Barre System)







School Moblile Mirror








Mobile Mirror Cover



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All our products are made in Great Britain