The Ballet Barre offer different warranties against manufacturing defects or failure for our Brackets, Barres, Mirrors, Curtain and Tracks. Please contact our office for more details.

For flooring, the warranty depends upon the materials. The warranty is subject to all products being installed correctly, used in accordance with guidelines and well maintained. Inadequate installation or misuse of the products will invalidate the warranty.

On all of our products accidental damage is not cover by the warranty. All products which have been installed by The Ballet Barre company, but are not The Ballet Barre products, please refer to the manufactures warranty.

Care and Maintenance

We highly recommend you follow our care and maintenance guidelines to ensure your products purchased from The Ballet Barre Company perform at their bests.

Wooden Barres: Do not spray cleaner directly onto your wooden barres, it may cause discoloration. As and when needed apply a small amount of antibacterial non-abrasive cleaner on to a clean, non-abrasive cloth and softly wipe the barres. When you have a more persistent stain/mark on your wooden barres, which cannot be removed with a cloth, lightly sand with an ’00’ grade wire wool or very light sandpaper. If in doubt what to use please contact us.

Aluminium Barres: Stains may be removed with a clean damp non scratch cloth, and a mild detergent solution. Do not use powerful or abrasive cleaners, these may cause damage to the barres.

Vinyl Flooring: Where possible, remove all outer footwear, before walking on your vinyl floor. Daily maintenance, sweep the floor daily with a soft dust control mop or broom and remove all loose dirt, dust and debris.

Regular maintenance, after removing all loose dirt, dust and debris clean with a damp floor mop, using our daily all-purpose cleaning solution and following the guidelines on the product.

Deep cleaning, we suggest a regular “deep clean” every 6- 12 month, depending upon the degree of soiling, using our heavy-duty cleaning solution and following the guidelines on the product.

Always use cleaning products we have recommended and purchased from us

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